Former Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Masahiko Yamada came to our school and talked about lots of current issues regarding food safety including main crop seeds act, Monsanto legal cases, organic food production trends in the world and Japan going the opposite direction meekly following American interests, etc. It was so educational!! Thank you very much Minister!


Also one of my old students from 20 years ago happened to find out about the event from her friend in Kochi and we had an unexpected happy reunion.



It was so hot, but our fun level was so hot and high as well! We had another fun day at Estaminet Summer Camp 2019. Every year I really feel that childrens’ shiny eyes are the best. When they are having fun and having a good time, they eyes really shine. I also love their curious eyes when they are focused and try to figure out something.

We did bread and jam making, making soap, did some scientific experiments, water balloon activities, mask making, and so on. Lots of science and art!

I really appreciate all the students’ hard work and the staff’s hard work to prepare for this day.




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Miwako's EYE, PICK UP, Students, TOEIC



Kazue took the TOEIC test to commemorate her 70 years of life with her daughter. She could get quite a good score. So she thought if she studied for another year, she would be able to get even higher score. It turned out that the second time she took the test, the score was much lower than she had anticipated. She felt quite disappointed and decided to try again for one more time. She studied so hard for a year. She told me that toward the end until the day of the exam, she studied for 6 hours a day! She successfully got 575 which very much satisfied her. Now she says she treasures the result and I am so proud of her.







Miwako's EYE



Rena is only a 4th grader and she passed the English proficiency test level pre-2, which is sort of equivalent to the high school level. Great job Reina!! 


One of the amazing things about her is that she can always articulate a lot of opinions when she is asked speaking or writing questions, which is quite rare for the average students for her age here in Japan. She scored quite high in writing test!! I am so proud of her. Her classmate here at Estaminet is also a great performer. Both of them always come to the lesson willing to learn, and hence they progress fast.


It is just so exciting to imagine how these girls will be three years from now or five years from now.





Here at Estaminet, we try not only to teach English, but also to make people who can stand in the global stage with confidence, who always pursue personal growth and can contribute to future generations. Here is the course for junior high and high school students to learn how to code in English in Osaka. Please check it out! https://kc-i.jp/activity/prosch/2019summer/#course1


App Inventor、Pythonを用いたゲームやアプリの作成、VRによる3D環境体験に加え、今回はロボットプログラミングにもチャレンジ。


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