ある読解のクラスで出てきたこの言葉 ‘captainitis’。辞書にも載っていませんが、あえて訳すると「キャプテン病」、もしくは「キャップテン炎」。

-itis というのは接尾語で「炎」を意味し、通常は臓器などにおける炎症を表します。例えば、dermatitis は皮膚炎、gingivitis は歯肉炎、hepatitis は肝炎と言うように。

この読解はイギリスやオーストラリア留学に必要なIELTSテストのリーディングセクションの “The Psychology of Innovation” に出てきたものですが、

“The wrong kind of leadership will lead to what Cialdini calls ‘captainitis, the regrettable tendency of team members to opt out of team responsibilities that are properly theirs.’…”


He calls it captainitis because, he says, ‘crew members of multipilot aircraft exhibit a sometimes deadly passivity when a flight captain makes a clearly wrong-headed decision.’








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Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 9.41.52
When was the most beautiful moment this week?
When I listened to ‘Hey Mr. Natzi’
Hey Mr. Nazi
Hey Mr. Nazi
I have to have a word with you, please listen to me
Look at me, what do you see in me?
Just a small foreigner, who smells like an animal?
A dumb chink, a fucking rice muncher
Who you immediately cremate in the best case
Please tell me, ’cause I want to know what you think
Because it is my will, that you realize the right thing now
‘Cause I don’t smell at all, I take a shower every day
Man, would I smell, I would get the brush-off from the gals
And no, I don’t only want to eat rice
Sometimes I also want to put a sausage in a mustard jar
And then devour it appreciatively, you wouldn’t have guessed that
See, now I have brought some light in your world
I don’t attack you, I reach the hand to you
Please listen to my words, soak them up like a sponge
‘Cause it is easy to say, Nazis out
But every man can change, I think Nazis too
And I say
Hey Mr. Nazi come to my party
I introduce my friends to you
This here are Juspé and Kati, Thorsten and Fatih
We have the same humor
And we say Hey Mr. Nazi come to my party I show you my culture
This here are sushi and technology; Mangas and Origami
I know that since my birth
Do you know the feeling, when a person hurts you
‘Cause a person leaves you even though you fight until last
Or the feeling when something good happens and for a little while you lose all the worries about the future
Or when you are in love, I don’t even have to say it myself
The feeling as if you could hug the whole world
I know you know it too, we aren’t entirely different
But you kick the man and let him lay there
And the worst of it all, he was father of a family and now
At his home a giant drama prevails
The daughter doesn’t understand it and so she asks herself every day:
“Mommy, but tell me why isn’t daddy there anymore?”
“He promised that he would buy me new arm floats and that we would have a picnic by the windmills.”
Eventually she will understand what all of this means, but now she just stands there and sees the mom cry
It isn’t easy to grapple with loneliness
Every man wants to have like-minded people around him
And before you know you are in a circle of friends, in which you point with the finger on people with different skin colors
And that can happen quickly, that is no lie
The most people have racist traits somewhere
I see racist teachers and racist captains and
racist Germans and racist foreigners
And back in the day I was a little bit of a racist, and something like that comes from me, do you see
Now how easy that is?
Yes I know, you always hear me say Jap to and fro, but essentially I don’t give a damn
I’m just a nice guy
And now I give these words my power and so I give up all my prejudices
You say I see that way too extreme with the prejudices, but exactly those are the source for war and hate
And we say
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Waffle making per special request from one of our young “patissiers”. I was so impressed by their team work and skill! The waffles were really delicious. Opa would have been proud! Already dreaming of our next baking project!! Thank you for a fun afternoon!
楽しい午後をありがとう〜!!IMG_2257 IMG_2269 IMG_2273 IMG_2277 IMG_2280
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Estaminet English School has to be closed until May 6 due to the state of emergency announcement  by the government. Hence, we have started online lessons about three weeks ago,


Luc put together an online baking project to make a chocolate cake using only two ingredients. We had 17 high school students who joined this event and we had so much fun!


Everybody tried really hard and all our cakes were done at almost exactly the same time. I wanted to take more photos, but I had to coordinate the different cameras and camera angles (we used three cameras) and in the end I only got a few usable photos.

Thank you everyone for joining! Our next event could be an online vocabulary battle or a zoom skit show or something…


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Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 0.50.42 Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 0.51.04




Until I started doing the old photo caption translation job, I had never even imagined what the prefecture office building had been like. I was so surprised to see these photos. Since Nagasaki was governed directly by the shogunate government during the Edo period, there was the administrative office called Nagasaki Bugyosho. It was where the first prefecture office was built in 1874. It was a two-storied western style building and this photo captures the moment of celebration for the opening of the office.


However, the second photograph captures what is left of the prefecture office building just after the typhoon of August 20, not even a month after its construction. It is just so shocking to see these two photos and I contemplate a lot of things about the time of the photos.


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