Well, my perspective of life has changed so much after studying in Brazil for a year! 視野が広くなって帰ってきたよ〜
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After studying at University of Santa Catalina in Florianapolis in Brazil, Anna made it home to Japan. I went there myself last year and it sure was a fantastic place to go.


Here is the interview I did with her:


“Even though I couldn’t speak perfect Portuguese, everyone was trying to help me.”


“Smiles always help.”


“I realized the good side of the Japanese spirit: Omotenashi (hospitality). However, we need a bit more freedom in the Japanese culture and customs.”


“Students at the university really speak up. The professors speak for the first few minutes only, and the the rest is for the students to take charge. It was really fun! In the Japanese university classes, many times professors speak to students, but no response. It is a one way street. In Brazil students really make classes themselves.”


“I went to see judo, track and field, volleyball, and gymnastics in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. One of my old friends won a bronze medal in judo. It was so exciting. Since the tickets were very expensive, many Brazilians couldn’t afford to buy them and were not so interested in the event. Inside the Olympic Park, there were mostly foreigners and it was quite safe. I felt like it was not like Brazil. I bought the most expensive tickets. However, there were no one to check them. I found out later I could have bought the cheap ones and have sat at the expensive seats. Hope this doesn’t happen in the Tokyo Olympics.”


“Watching the games was very exciting! I thought it was really fun to have the samba lessons before each game. There were people livening up the games. They were instructing the audience like, ‘You dance like this with this music’ etc. It was so much fun!”


I had the opportunities to visit many places in Brazil.  At the Iguazu Falls, crossing the bridge, you are in Paraguay and crossing another one with a bus, you are in Argentina. I could see the poverty in Paraguay and the big open nature in Argentina. This experience made me feel how big the earth is and at the same time the river is dividing the countries. When the country you are in changes, the whole scenery changes and you witness different realities.”


All in all, the life in Brazil for me was trying very hard for everything, but I never felt it was painful and suffering. At the beginning, I felt a bit lonely, but people always helped me even though my language skill was not up to par. I really feel I have grown as a person after this experience. I have a bigger perspective for life now.”


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Well, studying abroad or living abroad really gives us different perspectives of many things and makes us realise our potentials.





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