Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 1.18.16Today is both the birthday of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. Both were born in 1809. It is interesting to find out that two revolutionary men have the same birthday.


They also had other things in common: they both loved Shakespeare and music. Neither could sing and they both lost their mothers when they were young and both lost still young children. Lincoln apparently was a cat lover whereas Darwin loved dogs.






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With a background that includes: going to a sometimes extremely stressful Japanese high school, 3 international marriages in the family in three very different areas of the world, my university degree from the US,  and my chosen path as a teacher for the last 25 years plus, I am quite interested in education, especially where teenagers are concerned.


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 Have you heard of United World Colleges? a global network of schools with the shared mission of “making education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.”


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How about Gordonstoun in Scotland where the recently deceased Duke of Edinburgh, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, was educated?


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And have you heard of the Duke of Edinburgh Award? It is a youth awards program that recognizes young people for completing a series of self-improvement exercises?


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They were all founded or inspired by Kurt Hahn, a German educator. He wanted to create a school designed to help children discover their interests and passions, not just prepare them for tests.


Hahn believed that schools should help students prepare for life, by developing resilience and the ability to experience both success and failure.


Today I would like to talk about the Duke of Edinburgh Award, founded in 1956 by Duke of Edinburgh.


 By the way, did you know the root of the word “Duke” goes back to Latin “ducere” or ‘duc, ’which means ‘to lead’ or ‘ a leader’?

ところで、皆さんは ‘duke’ という言葉の語源をご存知でしょうか?この言葉はラテン語の “ducere” or ‘duc,に遡り、 「導く、リーダー・・・」という意味です。

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programs take between 1 and 4 years to complete with 300,000 complete the programs annually.

 You have to be between 14 and 24 years old.

 The programs have three progressive levels: Bronze, Silver, or Gold.



There are 4 sections to complete.


  • Physical
  • Skills
  • Volunteering
  • Expedition
  • At Gold level, an additional fifth Residential section.
  • Physical: Try a new physical activity or one you already do:


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  • Skills: Develop new or existing skills


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  • Volunteering: participate in activities


Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 11.33.07 ・Expedition: a journey on foot, by bike, canoe, wheelchair, sailing boat, or even on horseback…


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  • Residential (for Gold only) : which is a purposeful experience with people who you don’t know, working towards a common goal!


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To complete: You have to:


  • commit one hour a week,  6 months commitment for 1 section with 3 month commitments for each of the other two.
  • choose to do these sections simultaneously or at different times.
  • set goals for each section
  • ask someone to be your assessor
  • show evidence of progress to your assessor who will then write you a report in the end




Why would you want to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards?


  • To learn about teamwork
  • To be good at problem solving
  • To gain independence
  • To gain confidence
  • To become a better version of yourself





The DofE is a wonderful program because it is flexible and everyone gets something different out of it.


I believe that the most important task of grownups is not just to teach children how to build successful lives for themselves, but also to show them how to nurture their inner duke and let them realize: “there is more in them.”

 大人たちの役割というのは、子供達のうちにあるduke に気づかせ、いろいろな体験を通して彼らには素晴らしい可能性があるのだということを気づかせることだと思います。











アマンダは、ノーベル平和賞を受賞したマララ・ユフザイの2013年の国連での“One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.”「ひとりの子供、ひとりの教師、一冊の本、一本のペンが世の中を変えられる。」のスピーチに感銘を受け国連の青年代表になろうと思ったそうだ。翌年16歳でロスアンジェルス青年桂冠詩人を受賞していて、2015年には最初の詩集を出版している。2017年には、全米議会図書館によって新しく創設された全米青年桂冠詩人の名誉ある第1回の受賞者になっている。


“This is a long, long, faraway goal, but 2036 I am running for office to be president of the United States. So you can put that in your iCloud calendar.”




CNNのAnderson Cooper のインタービューで、アマンダは就任式で自分の詩を朗誦するということがわかった12月下旬から、過去の就任式の詩全てを何度も読み、リンカーン大統領が分断された国家に向けてどう演説したかなども参考にし、いろんな文学作品に埋もれて過ごしたそうだ。自分の周りにいる全ての人のおかげで今の自分というものができているとも熱く語っていた。

彼女の詩「The Hill We Climb 我らが登る丘」はオバマ大統領やヒラリー元国務長官などからも絶賛され直後にセンセーションになり、彼女のツイッターのフォロワーが一気に220万人になり、アマゾンの書籍売上の1位と2位にまでなった。


… victory won’t lie in the blade, but in all the bridges we’ve made.


When day comes, we step out of the shade of flame and unafraid.

The new dawn balloons as we free it.

For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it.

If only we’re brave enough to be it.








その昔私も拙い詩を書いたりしたものだが、今ではそれが前世のことのように今の現実から離れていることのように思える。Amanda Gormanの力強い未来への希望を感じさせる詩を聞いて言葉の持つマジカルな力を再認識。また詩を書いてみたくなってきた・・・

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Today is Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma’s birthday. He gave some messages to young leaders at Davos World Economic Forum a while .

今日はアリババの 創業者ジャック・マーの誕生日です(ちなみに私も乙女座)。以下はこの間のスイスのダボスでのワールドエコノミックフォーラムでの若い世代のリーダーたちに向けたマー氏のメッセージです。


When Alibaba founder and CEO Jack Ma was a young adult, he applied to over 30 jobs and got rejected by all of them. Today, the 53-year-old’s e-commerce company is valued at $519 billion, although Ma didn’t start achieving career success until his 30s.

アリババの創業者ジャック・マーが若かった時30社以上に応募しましたが全て断られました。マーは30歳までキャリアでの成功はありませんでしたが、今日この53歳のeコマースの会社は55兆円 の価値があります。

“In life, it’s not how much we achieved, it’s how much we’ve gone through the tough days and mistakes,” Ma recently said to a group of young leaders invited to the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. “If you want to be successful, learn from the other people’s mistakes, don’t learn from the successful stories.”


As an alum of the Young Global Leaders network, Ma shed light on what the room of young adults should focus on within the next 30 years.


“When you are 20 to 30 years old, you should follow a good boss [and] join a good company to learn how to do things properly,” Ma said.


“When you are 30 to 40 years old, if you want to do something yourself, just do it. You still can afford to lose, to fail,” he added.


Soon thereafter, though, Ma recommended that people start prioritizing stability, family and the future generations.


Instead of diving into a new field or subject toward the later years in your career, he said, “when you’re 40 to 50 years old, my suggestion is you should do things you are good at.”


“When you are 50 to 60 years old, spend time training and developing young people, the next generation,” Ma added. “When you are over 60 years old, you better stay with your grandchildren.”








Here at Estaminet, we try not only to teach English, but also to make people who can stand in the global stage with confidence, who always pursue personal growth and can contribute to future generations. Here is the course for junior high and high school students to learn how to code in English in Osaka. Please check it out! https://kc-i.jp/activity/prosch/2019summer/#course1


App Inventor、Pythonを用いたゲームやアプリの作成、VRによる3D環境体験に加え、今回はロボットプログラミングにもチャレンジ。


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